Air Ambulance Trans Pacific

Air Ambulance Trans Pacific is a privately held corporation. The owner is a EXPERT in air services and had more years of experience in the air ambulance and emergency transfer industry. For several years he was the senior manager one of the largest companies in the Jakarta, Indonesia.

During this time, he developed a passion for assisting people in need, and ways to control the cost for the families and institutions that utilized this critical service. Today, Air Ambulance Worldwide, Inc. is continually developing new ways to control cost and provide superior service, while always keeping the patients care as the number one in priority.

Air Ambulance Trans Pacific provides fixed wing air ambulance transportation service to Private Individuals and family members, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Assist Companies, Cost Containment Companies and other providers of medical care. Our service is all inclusive, including 100% of the necessary arrangements, to transfer your loved one. Air Ambulance Trans Pacific provides Bed to Bed service including the ground transportation in both cities, air ambulance aircraft with specialized medical team, as well as all coordination with the family. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS when Air Ambulance Trans Pacific moves your patient.

Air Ambulance Trans Pacific. owns and operates its own aircraft that are managed by their affiliate Air operators in domestic and operates the 135 direct air carrier certificate. This knowledge and experience allows them to also go worldwide and qualify operating partners. Air Ambulance Trans Pacific and others operators Enterprises have stringent requirements that all operators must meet in order to be accepted and placed on their “Qualified Operator” list.

For peace of mind and quality service, call Air Ambulance Trans Pacific. to transfer your patient NOW

Comprehensive Medevac Services for Patients Anywhere

Air Ambulance Trans Pacific provides medevac services for critically ill patients throughout the world. With as little as three hours’ notice in select cases, our compassionate and efficient team of medical professionals, seasoned pilots, and flight coordinators can have you, an ailing loved one, or a patient in your care in the air and on their way to the assigned destination.

Our medical air service is ideal for patients who must travel a significant distance and need specialized medical care along the way. Our clients have included cancer patients, head and/or spine injury patients, stroke victims and more. Our medevac services include the following:

  • Air ambulance – Our comprehensive bed to bed medevac service, during which at least three of our medical team
  • members will accompany the patient, and includes assistance in locating and arranging for a receiving facility when necessary.
  • Medical escort – A medical service in which a member of our medical staff accompanies a patient flying commercially, attending to the patient’s basic hygiene, oxygen, medication and overall comfort during the transfer. This service is ideal for senior citizens who need specialized assistance to fly.
  • Commercial stretcher medical flights – When stretcher-bound patients must fly commercially on international flights, we make special arrangements with the airline to accommodate the stretcher and any necessary equipment on-board, and all patient needs are met as they are accompanied by the appropriate medical personnel throughout the transfer.

No matter what sort of medevac service you need, when you turn to Air Ambulance Trans Pacific you will experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you will be cared for by our skilled medical personnel, all of whom have a minimum of five years of ICU or CCU experience. The affiliate that manages all of our aircraft, Gold safety-rated company, demonstrating an excellent flight safety record. Plus, Air Ambulance Trans Pacific.

If you would like to learn more about our medevac services, please call 081210457578 or 021-29872558 or e-mail us today. Your phone call will be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We proudly serve patients from Indonesia to ASEAN and Regional.

Air Ambulance Service for Patients Anywhere in Domestic and Regional

Air Ambulance Trans Pacific is a mobile intensive care provider that truly services the world. If you need to move a loved one in a compromised medical condition anywhere across the globe, we’re here to help. Our air ambulance

So, what sets our air ambulance service designed FAA standard, Here are just some of the many highlights:

  • We have a perfect safety record, as evidenced good rating.
  • Our full-time air ambulance pilots are all seasoned professionals.
  • We have a variety of different planes available for medical transfer, including Lear Jets 31A, Gulfstream GIII, a twin engine,Hawker 400/800XP and our flagship aircraft, the Piaggio P180. With more than 50 percent more interior space than a Learjet, the Piaggio P180 provides ample room to work closely with the patient and accommodate special medical equipment. This aircraft can carry up to three passengers, three large suitcases, a wheelchair, and includes a closed lavatory on board.
  • Every member of our medical team has ICU/CCU experience and we also have specialists in neonatal and pediatric care
  • No hidden costs.

With our expert medical staff, state-of-the-art aircrafts, and experienced pilots, our air ambulance company ensures that your loved one is in the most capable hands during his or her medical air transport. Also, we have a medical insurance expert on staff who will help you confirm benefits, submit, and track the claim to closure. This is all part

of our effort to take as much of the burden off your shoulders as possible, and ensure that you’re awarded the full compensation you’re entitled to through your provider.

For additional information about our air ambulance flights, please call 081210457578 or 021-29872558 or e-mail us today and we can plan your flight in as little as two hours, if needed. We also provide a number of other mobile medical air services, including our medical escort service, critical care air transport and commercial stretcher coordination.

The Medical Escort Transfer Process:

Our medical escort service is a complete bed to bed service. Not only will we provide exceptional medical care, but our medical staff goes above and beyond to make sure the flight transitions with ease and that the patient and companion are transferred with comfort and respect. The following are examples of what Air Ambulance Trans Pacific will provide, monitor and coordinate:

  • When necessary, obtain a visa for country of origin rapidly, if we do not hold an existing visa
  • Prior to departing for the medical escort transfer we will obtain a full medical report
  • Booking of airline tickets for the patient and any family members traveling
  • Upon arrival into city of origin, the nurse will visit the patient to do an additional assessment and report any changes, if any
  • If there is a traveling companion, we will arrange for our nurse to stay in the same hotel as the companion to help with their travel needs as well as comfort. If there is no companion, we will stay as close to the hospital as possible.
  • Nurse calls Air Ambulance Trans Pacific at each transition point of the medical transfer ie. Upon arrival into origin, after initial assessment, arrival and departure at airport for each layover, etc.
  • Ground transportation on each end, fit for each patient ie. Ground ambulance, wheelchair van, town car, limo
  • Arrange wheelchair assistance within each airport
  • Help to bypass luggage screening lines / security and head directly to the front of the line for personal attention accompanied by airline personnel
  • Assures the patient and companion to be first on the aircraft
  • Can have the companion seating arranged as closely to first class if so desired
  • May assist companion with needs, such as upgrading if they so desire
  • We can arrange approval for our Inogen One Oxygen Concentrator on majority of airlines within hours (own several Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrators)
  • Air Ambulance Worldwide staff helps to arrange a receiving facility if necessary
  • Air Ambulance Trans Pacific staff will keep any family members updated throughout the medical transfer process



Ranges : 1500 Miles

Speed : 450 Mph

Capacity : Medical team and 3 Passenger

                 This Aircraft has enclosed lavatory

Piaggio P180 managed on Certificate J72A

With a cabin volume of 375 cubic feet, the Piaggio P180 is one of the largest aircraft used in the air ambulance industry toda


Ranges : 1500 Miles

Speed : 450 Mph

Capacity : Medical team and 3 Passenger

  • Air Ambulance Equipment

Some of the additional equipment that is utilized on air ambulance aircraft:

  • Cardiac Monitor
  • Respirator
  • Defibrillator
  • Ventilator
  • Pulse Oximeters
  • IV PumpsIntubation Equipment
  • Built in Medical Oxygen
  • Lifepak
  • Portable Suction Units
  • IV Poles
  • Intravenous Solutions
  • Medications
  • Power Inverter